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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shoplifting ~ Day 160

So we went to the mall tonight with our friends. Here are the girls @ (or should I say ON) one of the displays. Trying to get a picture of them together, both looking and smiling was tough. As I am sure you can tell. This is the best I got. Oh well.
Funny story though. We stopped in a little handbag shop. The girls were doing really well. We let them out of their strollers and told them "No touching". Kensi repeated this instruction back to me, which I though was adorable. Much to our surprise for the first 5 minutes or so they did great! They kept walking around looking @ things and saying "No touch!" We were proud mommies. Then Kensi found a purse that struck her fancy. A turquoise one about the same color as the chair she is sitting in in the picture. It had some kind of tassels on it too. As soon as I saw her with it she gave me this mischievous grin and made a beeline out of the store into the mall!! I caught the store clerks eye on the way out so he knew what was going on. Off into the mall she ran. People saw her running and immediately got out of my way with a chuckle. Thankfully she didn't make it far! I rounded her up and brought her back into the store. The store clerk had a little chuckle.
So there it is. The story of the first time (and hopefully only time) my daughter shoplifted! At least I caught her red handed and it wasn't something I discovered she had taken once we got home. She sure keeps me on my toes...oh, and has great taste too. It was a really cute purse!

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