The Beginning

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Lady of the Hour, or ehem...Blog ~ Day 1

 So this is my dear little one you will be hearing about! Isn't she sweet? I'm not biased or anything. This is what a typical morning looks like for me. I get my Kensi out of her crib (yes she is still in a crib! She is none the wiser, so don't enlighten her, OK?!) and bring her downstairs to the living room. She recently has started to refuse to leave her Binky or her lovey behind in her crib, so they tag along too. I pull her on to my lap and turn the TV on Noggin' so she can wake up a bit. Heaven forbid I would try to change her diaper right away! A tantrum would ensue. So I hold her on my lap and breathe her in. She always smells so sweet to me, like maple syrup. I'd have to say that is quite a step up from the baby spit up of the past, thank you God!! I could sit there and snuggle with her all day like that. Heck, I could even go back to sleep. It doesn't take long though for her to start wiggling around and then the challenge is on to convince her that she should get a clean diaper on before eating breakfast....and so the day begins.

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  1. Mommaw N. thinks she looks like her Daddy when he first gets up in the morning. Not a pretty sight! :)