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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve ~ Day 309

Tonight was a very special night. Chad and I took our children to their very first Christmas Eve service. It was so wonderful and Kensington was better behaved than either of us could've hoped. We even let her hold Daddy's candle during the song "Silent Night". We got many comments about how great she did and how grown up she was. There were many comments about her baby brother too. Today he is just 2 weeks old! As we get the hang of getting out of the house with a newborn, I would like us to go to church more often. I really enjoyed it!


  1. I love these pictures! I can tell she loves holding him!

  2. Mommaw and Poppaw were so glad to hear that you took your family to the Christmas Eve program and that you enjoyed it. Mommy and Daddy would meet a lot of couples their age and they have so many activities for the kids. The pictures of Kensi holding Dell are adorable. Hugs and kisses, Mommaw and Poppaw