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Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Quarterly Grocery Shopping ~ Day 5

Yes. You did read that correctly. I said
"quarterly". We did it again. We always say we are gonna keep up with the groceries. As usual we didn't. In my defense though, I was sick for a week. I was sick and it kicked my butt! That doesn't usually happen to me. And then Kensi was sick too. But if I am gonna be honest.... I probably still would've slacked anyhow! I despise grocery shopping. The very reason I despise it is because I don't keep up with it and so when we go we end up leaving with 2 shopping carts full! No joke!
This unfortunately is not the best picture because I forgot to bring my camera. This was taken on Chad's iphone. Here is KK being a good girl. We brought an apple for her as a "treat". Apple is her new favorite thing and our new favorite word that she says. It is so cute! If you look closely you can see in the middle of her forehead, towards the top, where she banged her head on the table while we were out to eat. She was squirming in the highchair, so we put her by daddy in the booth. Mistake! She wiped out and ended up under the table on the floor! As we left the restaurant they were kind enough to give us the "Parent's Of The Year" award! Wasn't that sweet?


  1. I despise grocery shopping too, lol... Maybe se should conquer it together every now and then to entertain each other :) We both go to Meijer.

  2. I hate grocery shopping. I'm continuously depressed by the rising totals of my grocery bills!