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Saturday, April 25, 2009

All Girls, All Day ~ Day 66

Since Daddy and Brenden were out of town on a camping trip this weekend, we spent an all girls day with our friends Sandhya and Neela on Saturday. We had a very good day and for once the girls were BOTH in great spirits all day long.
Here they are sitting on the box they were coloring. Uh oh. Kensi is going for the Binky...

Looks like Neela was faster than her and managed to hang on to it. That was the closest we came to a confrontation all day! See, I told you they were both in good spirits!

And the picture below? I added it just because it is so cute. This was later in the day after nap time. The girls had their first official "Nap Over". How cute is that?!

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