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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hop Hop ~ Day 48

So for a few weeks now whenever we read the book "Mother May I?", Kensi points to the bunny in the book and says "hop hop". I ask her a lot throughout the day "What does a bunny do?" and she will respond with a smile "hop, hop!" and bend her knees twice like she is trying to jump. Absolutely adorable I will tell ya!
When a friend mentioned going to the mall and seeing the Easter Bunny my first thought was no. Especially after the visit we had on Santa's lap this past Christmas. But then I thought about how much she loves bunnies and saying "hop, hop" and figured it just might be a hit.
Well it was! She didn't smile while on "Hop Hop's" lap...I think she was in awe. Once we got her down off of his lap though... Well as my husband would say, she cut a shine like no other!! (i.e. threw a major temper tantrum!) Oh well! At least we got a great (semi) picture!

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