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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friends Again~ Day 171

Another day spent visiting with our friends. This is little Cole. He was in town visiting with his mom and dad.Daddy holding Adelyn. Daniel and his Daddy, Ryan.
At the water fountains again. This is Cole and his mommy Stacey.

Daniel and Kensington!

Little Addie in her mommy's old Wonder Woman swimsuit!
Splashin' and jumpin'
Checkin' out Daniel's ride.
Ridin' to the ice cream shop!
The boys, Cole and Jack.
Now she started off with a strawberry cone BUT.....
As soon as she saw Mommy's dark chocolate cone, well, she HAD to have one too! She dove in face first. Luckily she spared the dress too many stains! Definitely my daughter. For sure!

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  1. First of all, she is so pretty! I can tell she loves that ice cream, and hanging out with her friends!