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Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Years Old! ~ Day 187

Here she is! Two years old.... So carefree today and rolling around in the grass being silly.
That bandage on her hand is to cover the burn she got on her palm today.
Poor thing reached up for the toaster oven tray to get her chicken nuggets faster than Mommy could catch her. What an ouchie! And on her birthday of all days. She cried a lot, but in the end has been a real trooper. I just hope it heals quickly!

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  1. Mommaw N. is sure glad she released immediately. Her daddy burned the palms of both hands when he was a baby pulling up at the oven. Back then you didn't have cool oven doors. She showed me and Poppaw her "boo boo". Hugs and kisses.