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Friday, November 13, 2009

Never Wake A Sleeping Baby ~ Day 268

Or Toddler for that matter! Yikes! I had to wake Kensi from her nap today to go and pick Brenden up from school. She happened to be in a deep deep sleep. Not only did I have to wake her, I had to dress her too! She usually naps in her diaper or just a shirt because her room gets so hot @ nap time. Then after dressing came the car seat, which has been a struggle on a daily basis lately, even when she is in a good mood. *Sigh* She wants to sit in the seat beside her, not in her seat. So after huffing and puffing and finally getting her in the seat, I was one worn out mama. She was full of tears and protest. It had to be done, however. We couldn't be late to pick up Brenden and Mommy still had to get gas.
Imagine my surprise when I looked back to her after I pulled out of the drive way and saw this:
Suddenly all calm and quiet! And in those sunglasses? She was definitely WAY... TOO... COOL! It cracked Mommy up. After the tantrum we had just been through it was the reminder I needed as to how charming and special this child of mine is. Challenging? Yes. Tiring? Of course. Would I change her? Not for the world!!


  1. She's so adorable! I love those sun glasses!

  2. She's adorable, of course. We have a picture of Brenden when he was about her age wearing sunglasses. So cute. kissy kissy kissy