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Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Mommy's Best Moment ~ Day 264

Just some random shots today. Couldn't catch her while we were playing outside.I do have a funny story though. After being outside we came in for me to make some lunch. So as I was heating up some lunch Kensington was playing with what I thought was a leaf. No biggie. Until I really looked and listened to her playing. I kept hearing her say "cricket" and I thought that was strange. Sooo....

I peered around the corner and saw her set something on the couch. I went around and looked and, lo and behold.... it WAS A CRICKET!!!! I started freaking out and screaming. Laughing/crying/screaming and jumping around. The look on Kensi's face was priceless. She had no idea what Mommy was doing. Oh my! I hate bugs. Especially in my house or anywhere near me! Well, I woke Chad up out of a deep sleep from all of my screaming and also managed to give my mother a heart attack as she sat on the line on the phone that I had abandoned to the floor. Whooo! Did I need a stiff drink after that ordeal! Kensi too I'd imagine. We both settled for some juice on ice and lunch though.
I kept asking her during lunch what did mommy do when she saw the cricket? Then I imitated myself freaking out.... She thought that was pretty funny!

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  1. Kensi, Mommaw Nichols hates crickets too. When you get old enough to understand we'll have uncle Christopher tell you what he did to your Mommaw. Miss you so much. Hugs and Kisses.