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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adventures In Potty Training ~ Day 336

She sat on her little potty this evening with some incentive from a favorite book.

No results but she gets an "A" for effort!


  1. Go Kensi!!! Getting them to sit still, especially on the potty is definitely a challenge. Books or a basin with a little bit of warm water in it & a few "potty" toys (actually some bath toys) have been what I've been using with Barker to get him to stay put on his potty. I love her wooden potty chair! Good luck & keep us posted. :-)

  2. Kensi, tell Mommy and Daddy before you do you know what. You know the feeling now. That's half the battle. We really enjoyed our time with you and Dell. Dell stayed awake a long time and cooed and smiled. Say hello to Brenden for us. We love our grandkids. Hugs and kisses from Mommaw and Poppaw. : )