The Beginning

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Monday, May 31, 2010

The End Of The Road ~ Days 364 & 365

I've been putting off posting these last 2 entries.  I am not sure why.  Maybe because it is a hard pill to swallow that another year has come & gone so quickly? 

Everyday I watch in amazement as my daughter makes new discoveries & shows me new things.  She is independent, stubborn & strong willed.  She wants to do everything herself, she screams when she doesn't get her way & sometimes ignores directions if it is something she doesn't want to do.
She is patient, nurturing & kind.  She tells me it will be OK when she sees me upset, she comforts her brother when he is crying, she says "Please" & "Thank You."  She adores her brothers. ADORES them. She is a great little sister & a proud big sister. She is creative & artsy.  She loves to dance, sing, ride in the car with the windows down & the music up. She will quickly tell everyone in the car to "dance".  She has a brilliant imagination & I just love listening to her play with her doll house or her "racing cars".   She is happiest outside pushing her bubble mower, swinging on the swing set forever asking to be pushed "higher!" or playing in her pool on our back deck.  If I call her dear or sweetie she will quickly correct me stating "No Mommy.  I'm Kensington!"  She is funny & loves to laugh.  She has the brightest blue eyes & the sunniest smile.  Her voice is music to my ears.  I love her more than I could ever put into words.  She is many things.  But mostly ....

She is mine!

Wednesday, February 17th 2010

Day 364...

Pretending to take a nap in our new ottoman.
 I totally think she would've done it too if I'd have let her.


Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Day 365...

So here we are.  The last day in our Year of Pictures.  So much has happened.  Kensi has gained a baby brother, stopped using her Binky & her body has become more toddler & a lot less baby.
Somethings stay the same though.
 We still love to wear PJ's most of the day.
 She still has that beautiful blond hair I wish I could bottle.  And that same hair is still unruly in the cutest of ways!

Here she is today.
And here she was a year ago today.

Thank you to all who have followed along on this journey.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have!  To continue "Keeping Up With Kensi" be sure to check out her brother's blog as I capture a year in pictures for him.  I'm sure she will pop up a lot!

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  1. I totally enjoy your blog... it is so genuine and full of love... thank you for sharing Kensington's life with us... you are a wonderful mommy !....

  2. There's Mommaw's Little Miss Sunshine. I will really miss more pictures and the silly things you do. But Mommaw will continue to look at your year of pictures and will watch Dell's site to see if you pop up. When I'm depressed and sad all I have to do is go to the grandbabies sites and they make me smile. Love forever and ever, Mommaw xo

  3. those little eyes are delicious! Good pics!