The Beginning

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Polka Dots

 Can you see Kensi's "Polka Dot" shoes?  That is what she calls her Croc's & right now they are the only shoes she will wear.
She is super proud of the fact that she can take them on & off all by herself! 

Little Miss Independent
We found a lightening bug in the middle of the day.
Oh & the robin eggs hatched!  It was too late tonight for me to get good pictures without using my flash.  I will try tomorrow but may not be able to post them right away because we will be out of town this weekend. 

 Have a Happy Mother's Day all!


  1. I love her Crocs! We plan on getting Gracie a pair for her birthday! Have you seen some of the other styles they have on the website? So cute!

  2. This is our Kensi. She loves exploring and finding new things. She loves being outdoors. She picks up bugs and some that Mommaw would rather she didn't. :) She is full of life and I love her dearly. Love, Mommaw