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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July 2010

Grab a little something to drink or munch on, pull up a chair & get comfy.  I have a lot of July photos to share with you!!

July 1st, A trip to the zoo.
With friends!  Meet Daniel.
Hanging out with her brother.
Celebrating the 4th of July! 
Fun with friends Abby & Drew!
I LOVE this photo! 
Trying to keep cool in the July heat & humidity!

Enjoying a picnic under our tree.
Trying Daddy's band wig on for size!
Playing the piano @ Uncle Chris'.

Being sweet @ lunch time.

She absolutely loves to swing!
She also enjoys our (almost) nightly treks to the pond!

Being silly @ lunch time!
Must be yummy!
"Painting" the door with water on yet another impossibly hot & humid day!
Love my cuddle bugs in the morning!
Some refreshing fun @ Spray Park.

Didn't take her long to warm up to the fun & get soaked!
(I need to brag a moment.  Please forgive me!)

The photo below won a contest!

Brenden getting in on the fun!
Trying to get a picture of Kensington & Dell both smiling is near impossible!
Cousin Sammie was in for a week to visit.  Kensington adores her!

She got a new swimsuit with a tutu attached & fell in love!
Dancing about!

A trip to the city pool!
Best buddy Neela!

Sandhya & Dell
A bath is always more fun with a buddy!

Enjoying a little quiet time.
(And I don't mean them, I mean ME!)
Being goofy!
Watering our dying sunflowers.
A rare smile directly @ the camera!
Swimming in Papa's pool with cousin Sammie.  We visited for Papa's birthday.

July 31st... Happy Birthday Papa!


  1. I enjoyed looking at these pictures! I think my favorites are the ones of Kensi and Dell, they are so adorable together. :) She also has some awesome expressions! I love it!

  2. Great pics! Loved them all! Thanks for sharing. I also love what you've done with your blog background....cute!

  3. About the only thing Mommaw could say with so many pictures is "world, these are my grandbabies". Aren't they awesome and so cute. The very first picture of Kensington looking sideways makes her look like a movie star. It's adorable. Mommaw sends lots of love, hugs and kisses.