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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

August 2010

August was a challenging month for taking pictures.  Kensi turns away from the camera most of the time and Mommy has to get creative!

Pouty lips and a grown up face! She is getting so big!
 We took many road trips this month.  First to Cleveland to visit our good friends who have a newborn baby girl and a boy Kensi's age.
 That's Cole Kensi is playing with.
 And Daniel.
 All of the kids, minus the babies, looking out the window @ a train going by.
Daniel, Cole, Adelyn & Kensington.
 Some bath time fun!
 We have been working hard on potty training.  Kensi wanted some Buzz Light Year underwear, so that is what she got... even if they are for boys!
 Here Kensi is with her 2nd cousins Jackson, Bella (in the dress) & Gavin.  I'm not sure who the other little girl is?  This was a trip to my home town for a memorial service for Kensi's great grandfather.  She had a great time "playing with the kids".

 The next day we headed to West Virgina to see Mommaw & Poppaw.  While we were there we also got to see Kensi's great grandparents.
Kisses from Mommaw!

 Loving her new laptop from Granny Sybil.

 I love this photo.  Of course she was cooperating and my camera wasn't.
 We then spent a week @ my father's house to visit with my sister and her kids.  They drove all the way from North Carolina.  We also got to see a lot of Kensi's other cousins.  Here they all are together.  Sarah, Dell and Tyler.  Then Sammie, Christina  and Kensi. 
 She love she her big cousins and looks up to them so much!
 A quiet moment with Papa.
 Kensi, Mommy and Dell with my Grandma.

 Swimming lessons with Aunt Lynnie!  She took a bit to warm up.
 Riding a pony @ The Hungarian
 Just being silly!


 She started her dance classes on her 3rd birthday.  She was so excited to go!

 Stretching during class with her friend Abby.

 After class we had Neela over to help celebrate her birthday.

 Taking Dell for a walk.

Princess birthday party!  These were the party favors.

  Awaiting her royal guests!
 Getting the party started!

 Enjoying the spotlight!


  1. Great pictures! Love the Buzz Light Year undies! :) I would gladly buy them for Gracie if it helped with the potty training! She's such a pretty girl and getting so big!

  2. Wow! A lot of things going on. We enjoyed looking at all of them. They are really sweet and precious. Of course no one knows how much Mommaw and Poppaw love their grandkids. :)