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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zoo Day ~ Day 213

We had the chance to go to the Zoo today. Lucky Kensi gets to ride in a stroller.It was Jack Hannah's Fall Festival. They had lots of neat stuff, including this pumpkin carving. That is the baby elephant "Becco" carved into the pumpkin.
Here is Kensi with her cousin Sammie getting to see Becco up close and personal.
Pretty lion.
Waiting for lunch. Goofing off and dancing with Neela.
They also spent time looking for and chasing birds in the bushes.

Love this one!
The whole gang...minus Neela and her mommy. And this mommy taking the picture of course.
With Sammie again.
Daddy feeding the birds.
This one really liked Chad!
Nothin' like an Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich on the way out!


  1. I can tell you all had a great time! We love going to the zoo, too! You look great, by the way!

  2. I bet Kensi really got a kick out of the bird on her daddy's back. She has the cutest expressions and I'm not prejudice at all.