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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Glorious Day!

Yesterday was a glorious day!  We just couldn't get enough of being outside.  There was just so much to do! 

She had fun helping Mommy water the plants with her new pal Babs. She was the most enthusiastic little helper!

 She could've amused herself  for hours just picking the remnants of winter off of our bushes.

 Here she is hugging the tree we planted for her when she was just months old.  Oh how she has grown!

Of course we can't forget all the fun one can have inside too!  My little one just loves to earn her keep!

She does a pretty stand up job too!

Just when I think that my baby girl can't get anymore grown up she pulls a stunt like this:

and reminds me how little she still is!

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  1. She's so sweet. Sometimes you would think she was at least four years old and she won't be three until August. She is a bundle of joy and still my Little Miss Sunshine. Love, Mommaw :)