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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday Mugs~Bubbles

Are you in need of a mindless Monday Blog post? Are you struggling to deal with the weekend being over and can't muster the strength to type a single word? Well, Monday Mugs are for YOU! I may or may not "borrow" ideas from IheartFaces and post my interpretation of their weekly theme. Without submitting my photo for judgement and not being forced to follow the rules.

Mondays are hard! Blogging on Mondays shouldn't be!

Today's theme for Monday Mugs is: Bubbles

And yes.  I am aware that today is TUESDAY!  HA HA!

A rare smile captured on film from my sweet daughter Kensington.  She doesn't mug for the camera much these days!

And we may not have bubbles, but this wouldn't be complete without a picture of what was going on on the other side of the room!  Sweet baby Dell is getting his bath too!  He just LOVES his baths.  They calm him and make him SO happy!

You may be wondering what happened to the rest of the "Year In Pictures".  Well believe it or not I have every intention of finishing it.  It is just a matter of me going through my photos and posting for those days that I have missed.  One of these days I will get the chance and the motivation. 

Alot has happened since I last blogged.  Kensi and Dell lost their Gigi, my mother, on March 23.  Gigi died suddenly and it shook our world.  We are still feeling the aftershocks and I am sure we will continue to for a long time to come.  She will be missed greatly and remembered fondly.  Kensi loved dancing with her Gigi.

Here she is with Gigi snugglin' in on a Sunday morning in January.  One of the last times she saw her.
This is one of the few pictures I have of my mom with Dell.  This is the last time we saw her in person.  This is the last weekend in January.


  1. I am so glad you decided to join in Monday Mugs Alisha. I love the pictures and I still ahve you in my prayers for your comfort. I am so sorry.

  2. Your mom is beautiful. I can tell how much she loved her grandbabies! You all are in our thoughts and prayers, always!