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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yesteday & Today

I discovered a fine way to keep Kensi occupied while I am trying to get ready for the day.

Dry Erase Markers!! 

Sure my mirror is now a mess, but I can clean that up easily. 

I actually got to blow my hair dry.... and put on make up!!
After we picked up Brenden from school I needed wanted to kill sometime before heading to our friends house.  So I first filled up the gas tank and then headed across the street to the carwash.  I thought it would be a fun way to use up some time.  Boy was I ever wrong.  I mean I loved it when I was a kid.  My daughter however???


Yikes!  I mean it's not like it was the first time we did this.  What once brought on giggles and squeals of excitement, apparently now is a horrifying experience. 


One naked toddler, two adorable hairclips & a bribe with blueberries for an endearing smile =
A priceless picture!
Blueberry stained lips that I just love to kiss.
A frozen delight!

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  1. You are so precious. There are just days we don't like the same thing we did the day before. Mommaw and Poppaw Nichols were out to visit a couple of weekends ago and we went to the zoo and had lots of fun with you, Dell and Brenden. Our grandchildren are such a joy and blessing to us. We never get enough of them. Love, love, love xoxoxo