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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Busy Day ~ Day 27

We had a busy Tuesday! First we went to Story Time @ the library. Kensington cracks me up there because she kind of wanders around up front the whole time, pulling books off of the shelf. All the other kids sit in their mommy's laps and listen and laugh as we sing the songs and do the motions. Not my kid though. She alternates between pulling the books off the shelf and staring @ everyone while they sing. Then she claps and smiles huge when they are done. Here she is hiding in the little house they have set up in the kids room. Then it was lunch time @ El Vaquero. She discovered ketchup today, enjoying dipping her fries in it and licking it off. She ate really good though. As we left the restaurant she waved and said "bye bye" to a table of people. They all thought that was cute!
The we went to the park for some good old fashioned fun!

The little girl with her is her friend Neela. They are so cute together!

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