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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Impromptu Photo Session ~ Day 38

We went to my husband's favorite restaurant tonight and the wait was 45 minutes to an hour. Anyone who has a toddler knows

how horrible that wait may be. Yikes! To our great luck they had a wonderful little area out front that Kensi enjoyed playing in and

as luck would have it, that took up most of our wait. When you walk into the restaurant they have glass on the floor and a pond of gold fish

underneath. The huge kind. The walkway is made like a bridge and on either side of the bridge is a rock wall with running water. Kensi was

fascinated by this and kept saying "Hi fish" and waving. She was literally sitting on the floor in the middle of the entrance waving to the fish! One of the employees there was nice enough to give us some food to feed the fish. I was a little skeptical that Kensi would get that she was supposed to throw the food over the side of the bridge for the fish and

not eat it herself. Now that would've been a tantrum trying to get her to stop eating the fish food! Thankfully so got it and enjoyed feeding the fish. It is amazing me how fast she is growing and how much she is learning everyday. I am so proud of her and every little thing she does!

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  1. How cute that she got to feed the fish. Sometimes they catch on quicker than we give them credit for! I know Layla suprises me every day.