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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mommy's Favorites ~ Day 40

Just a few random favorites from her first 6 months. Starts around 6 months old and goes to just a day old.

This is Kensi and Brenden during one of our big snows last February.

This is her first bit of baby rice! It also was Valentine's Day 2008.
Same day, standing up and crackin' up!

Watching the Super Bowl with Daddy. I love this one!

Some quality snuggle time with Mommy!

Just a week or so old! Daddy picked out this outfit.

Burping in the wee hours. She looks like she is saying "Are you serious!?" Just days old here.
"Got Milk?" Just one day old, still @ the hospital.

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  1. These are all adorable. Mommaw and Poppaw had the one of Kensi and Brenden in the snow for our computer background for a long time. Uncle Chris said it would make a great picture for the front of a Hallmark Christmas card. ;)