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Friday, March 27, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Things ~ Day 37

So I was just goofing with the camera today, chasing Kensi around the house. It is so hard to get a picture nowadays! No kidding. Here is a picture of her precious little hand I love so much. I love to hold hand. I love it when she wraps her hand around my index finger to walk beside me.

Here she is staring out the front door. This girl loves to be outside I tell you. Doesn't matter if it is freezing. Doesn't matter how long she has been out there. It seems to be her favorite place in the world right now. It almost
makes me feel guilty to see her gazing so longingly outside!

This is the window to her soul. She has beautiful eyes, if I do say so myself. And long full lashes that curl up just right. I hope she keeps those lashes. Many women would kill for them!

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