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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Party ~ Day 24

This is Kensi and Brenden with their Great momaw and popaw Lytle. It was momaw's 80th birthday party today. I love Chad's grandparents. They are so full of wisdom, stories and jokes. They are truly inspiring people to be around. Kensi and Brenden kept themselves entertained with the balloons @ the party. Good for me because then I could just kick back and relax.
A rare opportunity for a family picture. Kensi wasn't cooperating too well though. This is me (Alisha), Brenden, Kensington and Chad. My beautiful family!

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  1. This was a wonderful day. This was Grandma Lytle's 80th birthday party. Most of Grandma and Grandpa's family were present. Kensi was the hit of the party. Most of the family hadn't seen her. They commented about her zest for life. She's loved dearly! Mommaw and Poppaw N.