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Monday, October 12, 2009

Feeding The Squirrels ~ Day 236

Yesterday after visiting with the Great Grandparents, Mommaw and Poppaw decided to take Kensi to feed the squirrels. This is somewhat a tradition b/c they have been taking Brenden to do this very thing, in the same place for years. It was a crisp Autumn day. The kind I love. Getting started
She kept yelling for the squirrels to "come here!"
and to "eat!"
Pausing to pose for a picture with Poppaw
Gazing up @ a squirrel
Trying her hardest to wait patiently with Daddy for the squirrel to come get the peanut. I think right after this picture she tried to chase the poor thing down!

Here she is calling to the squirrel to come get the peanuts
The scenery was beautiful. Kensi wanted to get inside the water, but settled for a picture with Mommy instead.
In front of the Capitol Building with her Grandparents.

Hugging the bell before we left!


  1. Very precious. These pictures are great!

  2. Mommaw and Poppaw had a blast with Kensi. This was her first time and she was running to and fro trying to get the squirrels to get her peanut. So cute. She loved the fountain. She was going to get in it and Mommy had to explain to her why she couldn't. Then she went on her merry way. Hugs and kisses.