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Monday, October 5, 2009

Shake Your Booty ~ Day 229

Kensington loves to dance. Anyone who knows her, knows that! Her Mommaw and Poppaw recently got her a pretty cool Halloween card that plays "Shake Your Booty". Today Kensi requested to see it so I took it down off of the mantle.She really enjoyed dancing around to it =) Don't ya just love her little Retro outfit?

I wanted to share a little something cute that happened today. Kensington was in her highchair with a snack. I was asking her a question (I don't remember what). She looked @ me, shooed me away and said "Go lay down!" How funny is that? She has been hitting @ the dogs lately when she has a snack b/c she is afraid they are gonna take it from her. So I have been trying to teach her to tell them to "go lay down" rather than hit. I guess she got the message....sort of?

Also she has just been amazing me more and more lately with her verbal skills and understanding. I can't believe I can have a full out conversation with my daughter now... and she understands most everything I say! I don't know why this blows me away, but it does. For example she told me later today that she was hungry.

"I'm hungry Mommy"

B/c she has a sore throat and hasn't felt well I offered her some ice cream. This is something she never turns away.

"No. Not ice cream" she said. "Cereal!!"

How I have waited for the day when she could tell me what she needed instead of me having to figure it out. It was so nice to hear her tell me not only that she was hungry, but exactly she was hungry for! I am just as proud as can be.


  1. Haha! I love that she told you to "go lay down"! I'm sure it is so exciting to hear her say new things, and request specific things! :) I love her outfit! I think little leggings are the cutest things on little girls!

  2. Mommaw and Poppaw are so glad you like your Halloween card. We couldn't believe we found one that said shake your booty because that is what Mommy always says to her. We love to see her dance. Love ya,