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Monday, October 26, 2009

Spa Time With Mommy ~ Day 250

Kensi and I decided it was time for some much needed "Girl" time. So we filled the big tub with bubbles and settled in for some relaxing fun.
Daddy was on hand to take some photos. Lucky for mommy, huh? Anything for fun and a laugh.

Speaking of laugh. Right after this little adventure... Well I got out of the tub and got dried and dressed. Then proceeded to do the same for Kensington. I pulled the drain on the tub and never looked back. Much to my surprise the next morning, there was a nice sized "log" in my tub and lots of "bark" all over the place! YUCK! Funny because during the bath I thought I smelled something and pushed the bubbles aside to search. I never found anything and chalked it up to Kensi having gas. Boy was I wrong! Those are the chances you take I guess. Thank goodness we didn't have the jets on it the tub. Now that would've been something!!


  1. How funny! That is definitely a priceless story. She is such a cutie & I love them at this age. My son is 19 mths & it is so refreshing seeing things through their eyes. It kinda gives us a new outlook on things that we let slip by & take for granted.

    PS....We love your blog! :-)

  2. Wonder who had the best time. I'm sure it would be a tie. Once again, my Little Miss Sunshine loving life and getting bathed at the same time. Mommaw misses you. :)