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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ready For Bed ~ Day 241

Doing some arm painting this Saturday morning while Mommy finished baking some Halloween cookies. I love how occupied this keeps her! When I got the paint colors out for her today, I set them all out so she could see and told her to tell me which ones she wanted. I was pretty impressed when she told me by name. I guess I hadn't realized how much she has learned! She knows, white, pink, brown, green, orange and yellow. Pretty smart, huh? After we treated the family to a Sweetest Day dinner out we went shopping for a paint color for baby brothers room. Apparently Kensington got tired enough to lay down in the cart. Bringing the pillow to pick out the paint turned out to be quite handy.

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  1. She has to have been worn out to fall asleep in the buggy. She's usually singing or running around in the store. As always, xoxoxoxo