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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Whoa! ~ Day 255

******So, I really haven't meant to get as far behind on this blog as I have been lately. Chad recently updated the computer and it changed some of the software I was used to using to quickly and easily edit red eye. It took us a while to figure a way around it, but it still isn't as easy as it used to be! I thought update equaled better?******
Today we finally got the paint we wanted to paint baby brother's nursery. We mentioned to Kensi that we would be painting later. What stuck in her head from that was that she wanted to paint herself. So, I set her all up in the kitchen and then sat on the couch to eat some dinner and watch from afar. Now, recently she has been painting her arms more than the paper. Today she discovered a different body surface to paint! What follows literally took all of 5 minutes! Immediately following this she was "hungry mommy! I'm hungry!!!" Trying to get all the paint off of her in a hurry while she was "yelling" @ me was definitely a test of my patience! She really knows what she wants and when she wants it....NOW!! Kinda like me when I get hit by the hungry monster ;)

My lil' stinker!

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  1. My goodness Kensi. You look purple but your baby brother's nursery is blue. How did you pull that off? You're so silly. Love, Mommaw